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Teen Voices:

 "Paco Jones was a great book for many reasons. The first one is that it lures you in. Every time you read a page you want to find out what happens on the next one, so it gets you into it. Second reason is that it is a very realistic story and the author really addresses a problem that could happen to many kids in real life like bullying or suicidal thoughts. Overall, it is a great book and I would definitely recommend it."

-Elia, Grade 8

"Paco Jones is realistically detailed and worded so that teenagers around the world can easily connect it to their experience. The story tackles 21st century problems and is exquisitely well plotted. The perspective the book takes will change your view on student life."

-Christine, Grade 9

"I liked Dominic Carrillo's presentation because it helped me understand the book easier, and I understood how he wrote the book. I agree that ties with real life make the book more interesting. The person writing it knows more about the situation. Thank you for the presentation! I think, that your suggestions would help me if I would write my own book."

-PSI Kiev Student, Grade 7

"I just felt like everything I was reading was actually true information. It felt so real, kind of like a typical high school movie, but only more fresh and better. The love twists are also a big part, they make it more interesting."

-PSI Kiev Student, Grade 8

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"I was crying at the end of the story and it made me feel like I have to say what I think to the girl I like if I want her to understand who I am and what am I thinking about. The plot was very exciting but very sad at the end and was very believable because I was literally imagining  my self in Paco's place."
-Denis, middle school student on Paco Jones

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Media/Reviews in Bulgarian!

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