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About School Visits:

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I love visiting schools! I have been doing author visits to American and International schools, both in-person and virtually, to grades 4-12 since 2016. Along the way, I have met tons of inspiring students and wonderful librarians who have collaborated with me in order to maximize our time. Because I've been a classroom teacher for grades 4-12 over the past 20 years, engaging teaching methods and strategies are incorporated into all my work with students. My visit could be an hour long, a full day or two, or more! Although I work with librarians and teachers to customize their schedules, here’s a list of presentations (large group) and workshops (small group) I have done: 


  1. Assembly pres. - An Author’s Journey - on identity & motivation 

  2. Presentation - the Writing Process - on humility & feedback 

  3. Presentation - Identity, Race and Inclusion - based on Paco Jones novel

  4. Presentation - Real Inspiration + Imagination - based on Unusual Suspects

  5. Presentation - Research & Responsibility - based on Acts of Resistance

  6. Workshop - Purpose, Perspective, & Poetry - Ghetto is Not an Adjective

  7. Workshop - Have the Guts to Cut - editing and feedback loops

  8. Workshop - Crappy First Drafts - starting the writing process

  9. Workshop - Bringing History to Life - the historical fiction process

  10. Workshop - Culture of Critique - feedback process for all writing


And there are more presentations/workshops that I have customized for classes that are working on something more specific, or reading one of my books/short stories. Also, I have presented to educators on the topic of publishing student writing and the motivation and professionalism it fosters in students engaged in an authentic project. Below are a few testimonials from librarians/educators: 


"As a librarian, I strongly recommend Carrillo's book (and his visit!).  Paco Jones is an ambassador for teens making sense of their place in a new school and with new friends."

-Dr. John Kurtenbach, librarian, American International School of Johannesburg

"I can't recommend having Dominic Carrillo as a visiting author enough. His entertaining storytelling and insights into the writing process during his presentations captivate students and teachers alike.  His visit definitely kindled a passion for reading and writing for all and inspired many students to put pen to paper and explore their own creativity. I look forward to having Dominic back in the future!"

- Jeremiah O'Sullivan, librarian, Lincoln School, Kathmandu, Nepal


“Dominic was very easy to collaborate with. In the planning phases, he was expedient and thorough in his communications with us. And during the virtual visit, he was engaging, offering our students a wealth of knowledge in an easy to follow format that was perfect for second language learners!" 

-Rebecca Battistoni, Nansha College Prep Academy, China


"Dominic Carrillo conducted fantastic presentations about reading with all Gr 9&10 students! Highly recommend him; international school teacher, author, and a fine human being!"

​-Darlene Navis, Librarian, Cayman International School, Cayman Islands 


Having a background in teaching, Dominic understands and interacts with his audience according to their age and grade level. We highly recommend Dominic as a visiting author and presenter of the writing process..."

-Pam York and Polina Spencer, librarians, Pechersk International School, Kiev, Ukraine


Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to arrange a visit:


2024 events:
June 2: NHK Cultural Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
April 29-30: NOVA School - Skopje, Northern Macedonia
April 10-12: Lincoln School - Kathmandu, Nepal

Past events:

Bavarian International School- Munich, Germany
Pechersk School International - Kiev, Ukraine
ELMLE & American Book Centre - Amsterdam, Netherlands
AISJ - Johannesburg,  South Africa
Lincoln School Kathmandu - Kathmandu, Nepal
Nansha Prep Academy - Nansha, China
Cayman International School - Cayman Islands
NOVA school Skopje, N. Macedonia 
International School Latvia - Riga, Latvia
AISB - Bucharest, Romania
Pinewood International School - Thessaloniki, Greece
Camarena Library - Calexico, USA
San Diego Central Library - San Diego, USA

King-Chavez Academy - San Diego, USA
Carbondale Middle School - Carbondale, USA
Border Book Bash -
 Texas, USA
Varna Lit Festival - Varna, Bulgaria
American English Academy - Sofia, Bulgaria
Anglo-American School of Sofia -Sofia, Bulgaria
St. George International School - Sofia, Bulgaria


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